AJ Hinch Gets All Emotional

June 9, 2009

AJ: "You gotta throw me out RIGHT NOW!!" Ump: "Hmm... nah..."

In the 7th inning tonight, the Diamondbacks trailing by a run, Augie Ojeda dove into first base to avoid a tag, but was called out by umpire Paul Nauert. He immediately protested the call, but was held off by first base coach Lorenzo Bundy while DBacks manager AJ Hinch did the yelling.

Hinch did everything in his power to get tossed on behalf of Ojeda, but failed.  Nauert just stood there, yelled back, and eventually backed away to his umpire’s position.  Hinch was left standing there only to return to the dugout and, get this, continue managing the team.

Good move by Hinch, trying to get tossed.  He’s a new, young manager, and needs the team on his side.  The sad thing is shots of the team during the argument showed some looks of shock mixed with awkward laughter, as if they were saying to each other, “uhh… is doing what I THINK he’s doing?!”  In the end, Hinch would have probably needed to go track and field on the base and discus the thing into right field a la Tommy Lasorda in order to be thrown out.

Now that I would’ve liked to see.

In other news, the DBacks allowed two runs in the bottom half of the seventh, and eventually lost 6-3 to the Padres. Turns out Hinch’s little stunt didn’t help his teams poor fielding and awful bullpen.  Bummer.

Oh and the instant replay showed that, yeah, Ojeda was out.


DBacks Blow Another Lead, But Win In 18

June 8, 2009
Picture 2

Lopez needed to rest his legs a bit after today's game became an unexpected doubleheader.

After squandering a 5-1 lead against Los Angeles to lose 6-5 earlier this week, the Diamondbacks decided they could do one better by traveling a bit further down the highway and blowing a 6-1 lead over the Padres.

Juan Guiterrez and Chad Qualls teamed up to blow the 5 run lead in the bottom of the ninth, and then after 9 extra innings, the Dbacks won it with a 3 run homer from Mark Reynolds.

The bullpen essentially had its worst day (blowing a 5 run lead in the 9th), and it’s best day (by not allowing a hit in the “back nine”). The batters were of little help also, going dormant between the 7th and 18th innings, leaving 15 men on base, and getting the winning RBI’s off of an infielder brought in to relieve the Padres bullpen.

Luckily the Dbacks managed to squeak out a victory in a game that could have very well been a train wreck for them. The game was 5 hours and 45 minutes, the longest in franchise history, but 5 innings short of the longest in NL history.

Long Overdue Updates Coming Soon!

June 7, 2009

I promise! Updates to the site will be happening, and I have vowed to get this site running again.  It’s been since October that you’ve seen anything come to the site, and, well, a LOT has happened since then.

For now, Basinonian has a Twitter account, so check it out by following @Basinonian.

Thoughts on how to make the site better, or get it up and running faster? Email Basinonian at gmail dot com!

Cardinals/Panthers Live Blog

October 26, 2008

Here I will post news from the Cardinals game as it happens. Watch it live on FOX.  Newest info is at the top!

GAME WRAP UP – The game is over, the Cardinals give up a 17-3 lead, and give up 24 points in the second half.  The east-coast curse stays with the Cardinals.  Penalties, turnovers, and special teams mishaps all played a part today.  The defense played well, the offense was hot.  But in the end it just wasn’t their day.  The loss doesn’t trouble me though, the Cardinals played tough.  If they can fix some problems with tackling and turnovers, they can still make a run at the playoffs.  Thanks for joining us today!

Fourth Quarter – Arizona 23, Carolina 27.

1:00 – The Panthers succeeded at moving the ball, got their first downs and will now run down the clock for the victory.

2:51 – The Panthers are trying to run the clock down by running the ball but the Cardinals defense is stuffing them at the line.

5:57 – Cards cannot convert the long third down, and are forced to punt.  It’s a touchback, and Carolina starts at the 20.

7:29 – Another penalty brings back a good gain by Jeremy Urban.  Add on a sack and it’s 3rd and long for the Cards.

8:10 – When Warner has good protection he’s very good at finding the open receiver.  That time he finds Fitzgerald for the first down.

9:00 – Another near interception, Warner can’t get too antsy back there.  When the pressure is on he needs to be stable, not desperate.

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Cardinals Week 8 Preview

October 26, 2008

The Cardinals hope to take their week six momentum through the bye week into this weeks match up against NFC top dawg, Carolina.

Carolina, like the Cards, is a very polarized team between road and home games.  They got man handled in Tampa Bay two weeks ago, but rebounded by routing New Orleans last week.  The Cardinals have only beaten the 49ers on the road this year, but are unbeaten at home.

If only both teams could be at home, then it might be a good game.  Most critics believe the Cards will be their old road selves, and don’t stand a chance against the Panthers and Steve Smith.  Personally, the Dallas game may have given the Cards that extra boost they need to get over their road game funk.

Expect a lot of passing yards in this game, as Anquan Boldin could be returning for the Cards, and Steve Smith will be testing the Arizona secondary.  If the Cards avoid turning the ball over and can keep pressure on Jake Delhomme, they could come away with this one.  They have, after all, injured the last two quarterback’s they’ve faced so Delhomme might want to tread carefully.

If the Cards can come away with a win they will have gotten over the hump and proved to the rest of the league that they are a viable playoff contender.  A victory would also mean Arizona’s first 5-2 start since the seventies.  The closes they got was starting 4-2 six years ago, but that season they only managed one more victory in a 5-11 season.  Let’s hope this isn’t another 2002.

Outside the Basin – Vol. I

October 20, 2008

Outside the Basin is where we take a peek outside the basin to see what is going on in the sports world elsewhere in the nation.

  • MLB – The Tamba Bay Rays held off the surging Red Sox to earn an unlikely trip to the World Series.  Major League Baseball better be ready for the worst rated World Seires ever.  No one wants to watch the Rays and the Phillies.
  • NFL – The Cowboys continued to struggle, losing to the previously 1-4 Rams by 20 points.  The Raiders beat the Jets in overtime with a franchise record 57 yard field-goal, and Green Bay took care of Peyton Manning and beat the Colts 34-14.
  • NHL – Oh yeah, that game where guys with sticks slide on ice and hit that rubber thing is happening again.  No one noticed.  The New York Rangers are currently the best team in the league with a 6-1-1 record.
  • NBA – Still over a week away from the start of the 08-09 season, and the usual suspects are taking care of things in the pre-season.  Detroit and Boston in East are doing fine, but the West is a bit of a toss up at the moment.

Two for Two

October 13, 2008

That would be the Cards record for knocking out starting quarterbacks in their last two games.  Bills QB Trent Edwards left after being leveled on the third play of last weeks game, and Cowboys slinger Tony Romo apparently broke his pinky on the first play of overtime yesterday.  If my memory serves me, the Cards pass rush managed to slap the ball from Romo’s hands but he managed to fall on it, setting up 2nd and 19ish.

It was announced today that Romo’s boo-boo will keep him out for at least four weeks.

Jake Delhomme, you’re next!!!

UPDATE: According to ESPN’s coverage of Pinky-gate, the Cardinals also managed to provide Cowboys punter Mat McBriar with “multiple foot fractures” when they blocked his punt at the end of the game.  Also some other Cowboy strained a hamstring or somthing, all in all a pretty destructive day for Dallas.